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November Issue
Ad Hoc Committee
A Short Story
by Valerie Allen

All for the love of a dog! Project negotiation by a woman, in a man's world, requires more than brains and talent.
Halle and Tiger with Their Bucketfilling Family
Easy Reader Book
by Peggy Johncox

Halle has her job cut out for her; she has to teach the new cat, Tiger, all about bucket filling. But Tiger keeps making mistakes; sleeping in Halle's bed, jumping up on the counter, and swiping something that doesn't belong to him. With the help and understanding of the whole family, will Halle be able to teach Tiger about bucket filling?
The Adventures of Iyani:
A Voyage West
Easy Reader Book
by Aunty Marcella

This is the adventures of iguana friends who live in the ocean park of East World on the island of St. Thomas. No matter what happens, Iyani uses her self-determination and perseverance to get through. With each new adventure, Iyani and her friends learn about sharing, kindness, selflessness, fairness, and ways to solve problems. Iyani is an island iguana who is independent, adventurous, and well known for handling adversity. This time, a bright summer day, Iyani is not quite prepared for her day's adventure. Will her ability to withstand tough times pull her through?

Farewell, Miss Julie: Spoiled Rotten Bird Dogs
A Novel
by Robert Tinsley

If every man needs one good woman and one good dog in his lifetime; Dad found both. Julie was an undersized Llewellin English setter, amiable of disposition, and freckled of face. Dad avidly doted on her shamelessly for seventeen years. They roamed the great outdoors, sharing adventures with game birds, varmints, white-water rivers, and hang-gliders. Julie would never have won a field trial, but she became a serious bird dog, hunting bobwhites and ruffed grouse in the Appalachians. Later, the game was valley and mountain quail in California. With her second litter, Julie produced a handsome co-character, Pretty Boy. Julie endeared herself to all with her joy when an outing appeared imminent. In her old age, arthritis overwhelmed her. Dad tirelessly medicated and massaged her, but finally had to accept the heartbreak that comes with all loving relationships.
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December Issue
Holiday House Rules
A Short Story
by Valerie Allen

A holiday without my dog? Never! Holiday traditions create things we should do. Holiday house rules create things we shouldn't do. Which one will be the most meaningful to children in their adult lives?

Rosco The Rascal In The Land Of Snow
A Middle Grades Book
by Shana Gorian

Fifth grader James and his second grade sister, Mandy, are building snowmen and sled riding down steep hills on their winter family vacation. Amid the fun, they don't realize it's a coyote pup, lost and frightened, that's been poking around their cabin in the snow. It's Rosco who discovers the identity of the wild creature first, so he sets out on his own to help the pup.
When the kids finally unravel the mystery, it's almost too late to rescue the poor creature, which now finds itself in even more trouble. It's up to brother and sister to use their wits in a sticky situation, yet trust their rascal-turned-hero dog to help.

Sophia, the Christmas Eve Snow Bunny
Easy Reader Book
by Wanda Luthman

Sophia the Christmas Eve Snow Bunny & The Real Gift is about a precious little white snow bunny who knows what
it's like not to have parents at Christmas time and to not have any presents to open until Santa gives her a treasured
gift.This year, Santa enlists her help to deliver presents to other orphaned animals.

If Bugs Were My Friends
A Picture Book
by Debbie Waldorf Johnson

Imaginary friends are so much fun, especially if they are bugs!

My Precious Little Kitty Cat
Picture Book
by Valerie Allen

My Precious Little Kitty Cat is a picture book for youngsters in preschool through second grade. It is a love story about a demanding, but adorable, little kitty who is totally misunderstood! This precious kitty finds a way to get what she wants by being her lovable sweet self.
Four Paws and Six Wheels Across America
Easy Reader
by Dan Clouser

Join the adventures of Youkilis, the Golden Retriever. as he travels across the country with his mommy and daddy in their house on wheels. He loves his adventures, long walks, taking a swim, bacon, and meeting new people and making them smile. He hopes this book will make you smile too!
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR).

The Blue Crocodile
Easy Reader
by Sarah Mamika

The strange blue crocodile wanted nothing more than to look like all the other crocodiles and wondered if he would ever fit in. Everyone was afraid of him. He had not a single friend. No matter what he did he simply could not blend. Follow him on a journey that leads to self-acceptance and the discovery that being different really is okay.

The Odyssey of Clyde the Camel
Easy Reader
by Sarah J. Nachin

The Odyssey of Clyde the Camel is part travelogue and part fantasy. This delightful narrative of Clyde the Camel that takes readers on an adventure through Europe. Everything in the book is true with some "poetic license" taken. Clyde, a stuffed camel, is naïve in the ways of the world but gains deep insights into human nature while accompanying the group of travelers. This story conveys that one should try and find the humor in every challenging situation. The author hopes people of all ages will find the story entertaining as well as informative.

Brotherly Love
Short Story
by Valerie Allen

Are the dogs invited? A family wedding! What could be more joyful and exciting -- and it is very much so, especially for the parents of the groom. Two conniving sisters endear themselves to their soon-to-be sister-in-law, which leads to a surprising outcome for their parents.

The Legend of the Colombian Mermaid
Easy Reader
by Janet Balletta

The legend of La Sirena De Hurtado, in Valledupar, Colombia, dates back to 1917. It is the story of a young girl who defied her parents and went swimming in the river on Good Friday. According to the legend, the girl turned into a mermaid because she was cursed for her disobedience and non-observance of Good Friday, a traditional Catholic holiday. There is a monument of La Sirena De Hurtado located at the edge of the Guatapurri River in Valledupar, Colombia. Every summer, the swimming basin attracts hundreds of tourists who want to see the monument of the mermaid and swim in the crystal blue waters of this legendary river.
The Yellow Dog Café Cookbook
by Stuart Borton

Create comfort food with a flair.Stuart Borton does it every day as chef-owner of the Yellow Dog Café, and he has written a cookbook that brings the home cook into his kitchen. In the colorful, 216-page Yellow Dog Café Cookbook, he shares his shortcuts for being a well-prepared cook, which takes the simplest meal to new heights or makes the most complicated meal easy to prepare.
The Kissing Camels
Middle Grades
by Gene Davis

A tale of "Romeo and Juliette," but it's a love story about Dromedarius and Camela, two lovesick camels!