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Doggie Tales
Short Story
by Valerie Allen

Have you met the new neighbor? Indeed, the new neighbor has been met--and then some! A humorous short story about two couples, each with their own idea of a good neighbor policy.
The Adventures
 of Mira Mouse
Picture Book
by Lynda Dubois

Mira Mouse is a small, curious, and adventurous mouse who dreams of exploring new places. One day, she stumbles upon a toy airplane in the attic of the neighboring abandoned house. With a little fixing up, she takes it for a ride. As she soars over the fields, forests, and lakes, she is captivated by the breathtaking scenery. Mira makes new friends, and conquers her fear of heights, learns to swim, and develops an appreciation for the diverse wonders of life. She discovers the world is full of endless surprises and she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.
Dog Days
by Cindy Foley
Easy Reader

As if a puppy in the house isn't bad enough, a stray dog is terrorizing the woods. Peaceful afternoons are replaced with chaos. Quiet naps at Clawed's favorite spot in the orange grove have become something all he can do is dream about. The first time he comes face to face with the bully, Leroy, Clawed escapes unharmed. The next time he isn't so lucky. Clawed has to return to the woods to find the rambunctious puppy that hasn't been home for several days. When the most unlikely group of creatures work together to save Lily, Clawed discovers that friends who can forgive bullies just may be his best medicine.
Fun at the Park
Picture Book
by CR Lalla

Fun at the Park is the second book of "A Wiggles and Wags Tale" series. The first book is Coming Home and tells of Aunt Ellen adopting two homeless dogs and giving them a happy, safe home. Aunt Ellen introduces Wiggles and Wags to a local park for a day of fun and adventure. She doesn't think either one of them had ever been to a park and is eager to see them make new discoveries. Wiggles and Wags are settled in and feel safe after being homeless. They are a happy little family, but today will be their first visit to a park. Wiggles and Wags will make lots of new friends, learn which little animals live at the park, and who visits and plays at the park.

Emmitt's Dinosaur
Picture Book
by Tekoa Manning

Four-year-old Emmitt Dean has an unruly dinosaur in his backyard, but only Emmitt can see it. The dinosaur eats his dog's food and pears from their tree. The dinosaur even attempts to drive the lawn tractor. What if he steals the car or hurts Emmitt's baby brother, Mason?
Frustrated from warning his parents the dinosaur is into mischief and could be dangerous, Emmitt grabs his sword to protect his family, and hilarity ensues!
A True Miracle
by Valerie Allen

An older brother agrees to bring his younger brother's dog to his off-campus housing and chaos ensues! Astonished by the outcome, both brothers become believers after experiencing a true miracle.
Peteeatrick Panda's Playground
by Marc O'Bien
Easy Reader

Peter is not an ordinary type of being. His extraordinary antics and humor will help you feel warm and cozy. Peter the Peteeatrick Panda's Playground is a series of short stories about a panda who lives at the nurses' station. The series of short stories about a cuddly, lovable panda bear's adventures with friends, nurses, and hospital experiences is heartwarming. It is a wonderful pairing of non-fiction and fiction to teach children about life experiences. Peter's adventures provide lessons for a lifetime. He will tickle your sense of humor!
Whales, Termites and Dragons: Adventures of Volunteer Expeditions
by Frank Perkins

After a career as an engineer, Frank Perkins retires and takes off for the wild! He travels with Volunteer Expeditions to explore world wonders, make new friends, and enrich brain power. An enjoyable, entertaining, and educational book written from first hand experiences.
Visiting Day
A Short Story
by Valerie Allen

To know me is to love me. What happens when you don't know me? Does the love continue?

Pinky and the Magical Secret He Kept Inside
Picture Book
by Kasey Clayton

This small, pink, stuffed dog, Pinky, wanted nothing more than to be the best loved of all the stuffedanimals sweet Francesca had. In this endearing story Pinky learns just how important his love is. From Francesca's dream to Pinky's big award, this little book will steal your heart.

A Prickle of Porcupines
An Easy Reader
by Sarah Mamika

Just like humans, many animals, reptiles and insects enjoy a group or family home; and each of these groups has an identifiable name - some more than one. While a group of prairie dogs live in a colony or
town, in a convocation is where an eagle can be found. It's a streak of tigers and a bale of turtles, a labor of moles and a dray or scurry of squirrels.

Going to the Dogs
A Novel
by Jay Heavner

Roger Pyles, forensic specialist crime investigator, needs a break. He nearly got killed twice on his last caper. A wealthy Southern widow now needs his help. She begs him to find her lost dog, a rascally Pekingese. It could be just what he needs to refresh his mind. How hard can it be? What could go wrong?

The Big Winner
A Short Story
by Valerie Allen

A battle of wits and wills between a mother and daughter. Who's running whose life? Who turns out to be the big winner? Can it be a dead heat?
Guess What is in the Ocean?
Picture Book
by Nancy O'Neill

Some creatures swim deep within the Ocean while others make their home on the sand. Discover whales, dolphins, pearls and turtles, plus a treasure chest full of gold. Rhyming clues describe the things you'll find in an out of the water. Read the clues, turn the page, and see if you guessed correctly.
Those Lively Lizards
An Easy Reader
by Marta Magellan

Learn all about lizards. They live all over the world and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You'll find out if a lizard can change colors to match its surroundings, if a lizard's tail can really grow back, which lizard runs on water, whether boy and girl lizards look the same, why lizards stick out their tongues, and if they are endangered.
Luke Finds a Home
Middle Grades
by Angela Spencer

In the heartwarming tale, readers are invited to embark on a touching journey of companionship, love, and the unbreakable bond between a curious cat and a compassionate human. Set against a backdrop of cozy moments and tender interactions, this book is a celebration of the profound connections that can blossom between two different species. A catch-and-release cat is adopted and finds a forever home. The shell-shocked, fearful, and painfully shy little animal transforms to be a self-assured, playful, and affectionate house cat. The cat and his new friend's journey proves patience and love can overcome prior abuse. The resultant friendship and close connection are to last for a lifetime, enriching the life of the human who adopted the cat and completely turning around the life of the little feline. A delightful story for any age, it is recommended for those between ages 2 and 102.