Tremendous Thanks
to Our Individual Sponsors,
Past and Present

Jack & Landy, Aero Decals, Palm Bay
Claudia Alder, Baar, Switzerland
Priscilla Anderson, Barefoot Bay
In Memory of Catherine D. Amiss, Heaven
John F. Avery, Melbourne
Hazel Banks, Cape Canaveral
Ted & Linda Bart, Cocoa Beach
Jeanie Beyer, Palm Bay
Jeanie Beyer In Memory of Muffy, Palm Bay
Jeanie Beyer In Memory of Daisy, Palm Bay
Jeanie Beyer In Memory of Phantom, Palm Bay
Jeanie Beyer In Memory of Spooky, Palm Bay
Jeanie Beyer In Memory of Twitty, Palm Bay
Donna Bond, Barefoot Bay
Bookworm & Suzie, Vero Beach
Doreen Borosky, Cocoa
Bow Meow Grooming & Boarding, Cocoa Beach
Nathalie Brenond, Satellite Beach
Merle D. Buck, Merritt Island
Frederick C. Burgette, Cape Canaveral
Ms. Carole Carter, Indian Harbour Beach
Robert & Melissa Chasin, Indialantic
Coastal Septic Services, Inc., Cocoa
In Loving Memory of Jamey Coleman, Melbourne
Lisa Colletti, Barefoot Bay
Dennis Connors, Connors Industries, Rockledge
Angie Corley, Melbourne Village
Maebeth Covell, Melbourne
In Memory of Daisy, West Virginia
Daphne Foundation, Palm Bay
Debbie Davison, Mims
Joy Degraff, Palm Bay
In Memory of my Lost Dog, Cheyenne
Sandra DePascale, Melbourne
Muriel & Bob DeRosa, Sebastian
Ann Stanton Dias, Cape Canaveral
In Honor of Dan, Paul and Cody, Katherine McCoy, Melbourne Village
In Honor of Pumpkin, Dudley, Angel, Seka, Sadie, Rainbow and Caesar
In Loving Memory of Dutch, Bill Draddy, Barefoot Bay
Bill Draddy In Loving Memory of Dutch, Barefoot Bay
"Used Dogs Make Better Pets" Bill Draddy, Barefoot Bay
M. Duncan, Melbourne
Eileen Dykeman, Melbourne
Fran Eckel In Memory of Katie Smeltzer
Ed & Barbara, Cocoa
Mary Emmerling In Memory of Blackie,
a very special cat, with great grief and love.
Mary Emmerling In Memory of Lois S. Drake
Mary Emmerling In Honor of James R. Starbuck
Eubie, Suzie & Tuxy, Vero Beach
Melinda Everitt, Satellite Beach
In Memory of Fisher, Everitt Pets
Joann Farley for Sage, Cosmo, Gus, Dan & Ella
Wanda Elliott Farmer, Melbourne
In Loving Memory of SGT. Keith J. Felegie
In Memory of Harlan Franklin
Marcia French, Rockledge
Friends for Animals Sanctuary, Melbourne
Mary Garvin, Sebastian
Joan M. Girard, Melbourne Beach
Pierrette P. Gunde, Merritt Island
Sharon L. Gunther, Palm Bay
Marilyn Hallock, Indian Harbour Beach
Violet Hanlin-In Honor of Daisy & Louie
In Loving Memory of Elaine Harland
and the Front Street Radio Station Cats
Vidya Harrack Singh, West Melbourne
Alexa Harvey, Cocoa Beach
Guy Harvey, Titusville
Cindy Hauf, Cape Canaveral
Nancee J. Hay, Indialantic
D&J Haynes, Palm Bay
Emily Hilty, Satellite Beach
Harmon Hogan/Schaible, Indialantic
Pamela Howell, Melbourne
JMARK Enterprises, Inc. - KFC
In Memory of Arthur, Who Loved Animals So Much, Joan, Palm Bay
Larry, West Melbourne
In Memory of Bobi Le, Titusville
In Memory of Charlie, Palm Bay
In Memory of Cleo, Palm Bay
Joan - In Memory of Arthur, Palm Bay
Joan - In Memory of Brandy, Palm Bay
Joan - In Memory of Chelsea, Palm Bay
In Memory of My Brave Cat, RED, Joan, Palm Bay
In Memory of my Little Gray Cat, Joan, Palm Bay
In Memory of Danny Fisher, Satellite Beach
In Memory of Felix, Portland, OR
In Memory of Oscar & Ling, Cocoa Beach
In Memory of Smokey, Micco
In Memory of Lillie & Klyde
Mildred Jose, Mims
Julie, Holly & Glenn, Melbourne
John & Nora Kabboord, Cocoa Beach
Joan Kearney, Milwaukee WI
In Memory of Joan Kearney, Milwaukee, WI
Ronald Kempfer, Melbourne
Susan Kennedy In Memory of Lupa, Rockledge
Susan Kennedy In Memory of Maisie, Rockledge
In Memory of Kholby & Maxie, Merritt Island
In Memory of Hanna Kiesswetter, Rockledge
Jan King, Rockledge
L. King, Cocoa
Louise Kovacs, Barefoot Bay
Law Offices of Stephanie E. Lasko, Cocoa Beach
Oscar Liess, Melbourne
Joseph & Mackenzie Luke, Port St. John
Joan F. Luker, Melbourne
AnnMarie Maher, Vero Beach
Valerie Maher, Cocoa Beach
Michele L. Mares, Palm Bay
G & M Marshall, Viera
Judy Marshall, Mims
Martha and Gale, Cocoa Beach
Mastercraft Tooling, Palm Bay
Linda Matthews, Melbourne
Kathlyn McCurdy, Palm Bay
Maryann Meyer, Cocoa Beach
Frank Mesa, Titusville
Carolynn Milouski, West Melburne
Marjorie Moe, W. Melbourne
Michele Mohr, Merritt Island
Nancy Moore, Sebastian
Paul & Inge Mouris, Cocoa Beach
Madisen Murawski, Melbourne
Nature's Market, Melbourne
Sandra W. Nelsen, Titusville
Matt & Julie Newton, Palm Bay
Ocean Realty Inc. / Mark Kabboord
Maria C. Pagan, Melbourne
Diane Pallot, Mims
Marilyn & Frank Palmietto, Melbourne
Erick & Trevada Peck, Melbourne
Mr. Patrick Pepples - In Memory of Spocky, Palm Bay
Petermann Family - In Memory of Dino & Lucky, Melbourne
John & Kathleen Potts, Merritt Island
James & Angela Prosser, Palm Bay
Vickie Ratkowski, Melbourne
Mary Reiley, Indian Harbour Beach
Barbara Relva In Memory of Pita, Sebastian
Jean M. Rice, Melbourne
Rix & Karen Robinson, Micco
Alfrieda Russell & Smokey, Melbourne
Kevin S, Palm Bay
In Honor of Sandy Hook's Angels, Newtown CT
Al & Priscilla Schuler - In Memory of Angel, Princeton WV
R.L. Schuler - In Memory of Daisy, Palm Bay
Buffy Knittel & Patricia Seipel-Knittel, Merritt Island
David & Janet Shaw, Cape Canaveral
Shelly and Dan, Grant
Cliff & Debbie Shuler, Titusville
In Memory of Sushi and Wallace, Cocoa Beach
In Loving Memory of Richard S. Thompson, Indialantic
Jeanne Thompson & the Thompson Family, Indialantic
Arlene & Bob Tosi, Palm Bay
Arlene, Bob & Lizzie, Melbourne
Ronald S. Tregoning, Grant
Arlene Trukowski, Melbourne
In Memory of Tracey Turner, Palm Bay
Bob & Carola Tschiemer, Satellite Beach
Betty Turnpaugh, Palm Bay
Kelly Uhland, Satellite Beach
E. Jeanne Vance, Melbourne
Sam Vanderberg, Indialantic
In Loving Memory of Jim Vlahakes, Cape Canaveral
Judith Weaver, Melbourne
John B. Webb & Assoc. Land Surveryors, Winter Park
Angela Whitehill, Palm Bay
Victoria Williams, Mims
Beth & Al Wolfe, Rockledge
Marjie Wolfe, Melbourne
Andrea Zaloudek, Melbourne
Claire & Jim Zuhlke, Cocoa

Without you,
Pet Gazette would not exist!
Heartfelt thanks to you all.

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