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        Pet Gazette of Brevard is a free monthly pet adoption newspaper - in its seventeenth year - that helps save homeless shelter pets in our community.  The sponsored pets are from shelters and agencies located in Brevard County, Florida.  Pictures and descriptions of these pets appear in each issue, sponsored by animal-loving area businesses and concerned individuals.
        Pet Gazette Online!
includes online exposure for your business as a shelter pet sponsor.  When you sponsor a shelter pet in Pet Gazette, your ad and a business listing with live links will also appear on the site.
        Be sure to visit our Sponsor and Advertiser Page with links where available, Local Pet-Related Events Links, Shelters and Agencies Directory, breed-specific Rescue Organizations Directory, Dog Parks Link, and local Spay and Neuter Services
        It is our goal to place all the pets featured in Pet Gazette, every month, throughout the year.  Our research has shown that almost every shelter pet featured in Pet Gazette is adopted.  Plus, each pet photograph is responsible for the adoption of up to five additional shelter animals.
        Pet Gazette
is a proven vehicle to save homeless shelter pets in Brevard County.  Why it works: A picture is worth 1000 words. When someone who wants to adopt sees a pet's picture in the Pet Gazette and vistits one of the shelters to see a sponsor's pet, if the pet has already been adopted, the person is very likely to adopt another because they are already at the shelter.

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of these homeless Brevard County shelter pets.
Kevin D. Wolf, Publisher
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